17th November 2016

Entrepreneur of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding individual who can best demonstrate exceptional vision and leadership in the establishment and development of a business.

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PwC People Innovation Award

Organisations who innovate to get the best from their people to deliver high levels of productivity, engagement and customer advocacy.

The word culture is one that’s used rather frequently these days. Some espouse their culture to very positive effect whilst others have had their culture viewed as something quite detrimental resulting in public scrutiny and regulatory focus.

Innovation plays a crucial role in defining and shaping the culture of any organisation. This award seeks to recognise those who prioritise doing things differently, using innovation to embed the appropriate culture and shape their people agenda and subsequently deliver positive customer outcomes.

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#VOOM Scottish SME of the Year

This award recognises Scotland’s best SME, highlighting the best small-to-medium size companies which are the lifeblood of the Scottish economy.

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Family Business of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding family businesses which form an essential part of Scotland’s economy – from father and son businesses, to SMEs and leading employers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This award recognises the businesses that embrace their responsibility to the environment, consumers, employees, local communities and other stakeholders in the public sphere with a view to celebrate the positive impact of business on wider society.

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Asda Social Enterprise of the Year Award

With social enterprise playing a growing role in our entrepreneurial ecosystem, this award seeks to recognise those social enterprises driving genuine, sustainable social impact through their operations and providing an example of ‘business for good’ for others to aspire to.

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Female Business Leader of the Year

This award recognises the female business leaders at the top of their industries, running outstanding businesses and organizations. Furthermore this award recognises those who are providing inspiration to female entrepreneurs and businesswomen looking to reach the summit of their chosen fields and industries.

KPMG CEO of the Year

This award recognises the personal impact of Scotland’s highest achieving CEOs, managing directors and business leaders. Leading CEOs are invited to participate as industry champions from the private, public and third sectors.

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Fair Work Employer of the Year

This award recognises Scotland’s outstanding employers of all sizes, which have created jobs and working environments in which employees can thrive and achieve excellence.

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Scottish Large Business of the Year

This award recognises Scotland’s best large business, highlighting the success behind Scotland’s public limited companies as well as Scottish businesses with over £100m in turnover.

Pinsent Masons Scale Up of the Year

This award recognises emerging Scottish businesses which have demonstrated a huge potential for sustainable, scalable growth through growth and investment over the past two years.

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Green Business of the Year

This award recognises the businesses which have shown outstanding leadership in achieving environmental goals alongside its business objectives. The winner will have successfully married business and environmental aims.

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SEPA ‘One Planet’ Green Business of the Year

Scotland leads the world on tackling climate change and has set some of the highest targets in the industrialised world. SEPA‘s ‘One Planet Award’ recognises that Scotland’s business sectors can be a driver for delivering an inclusive and low carbon economy and looks to celebrate the achievements that sees Scotland punch above its weight when it comes to protecting the ‘One Planet’ on which we live.

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Customer Focus

This award recognises the business that best demonstrates that the customer is at the heart of everything it does.

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Investor in Scotland

This award recognises those companies headquartered outside Scotland which 
make a large contribution to the Scottish economy and help make Scotland a great place to do business.